static trapeze circus tutorial, turning upside down

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This is one of the first exercises that we learn in the static trapeze.

Arms strength 0:22: the objective of this exercises is to strengthen the muscles that are involved in the adduction and retropulsión of the arm (latissimus dorsi, musculus deltoideus, tríceps brachii) and also the muscles of the forearm that are involved in the hand grip (musculus flexor digitorum profundus, musculus flexor digitorum superficialis, musculus flexor carpi radialis).

In the adduction and retropulsión of the arm we must decrease the angle between the hands and the hips, all the exercise must be performed with straight arms 0:59, it is important to notice that due to particular anatomy features not everyone will be able to perform a straight elbow position 1:17.

Abdomen and legs strength 1:23: these exercises are focused on lifting the knees as close as possible to the shoulders (musculus oblicuus externus abdominis, musculus oblicuus internus abdominis, musculus rectus abdominis, musculus iliopsoas) the knee lifts exercise must be performed with the arms in alignment with the spine 1:47.

Flexibility 2:05: the main flexibility for this skill it is required on the hip joint (articulatio coxofemoralis) and also in the hamstring muscles (musculus bíceps femoris, musculus semimembranosus, musculus semitendinosus).

The pike position 2:41 must be performed with the knees in straight position, in the ½ Split 2:49, again the knee of the front leg must be in a straight position.

Methodology 3:05 : in the turning upside down touching the bar, we must reach the trapeze bar with the front part of our feet 3:10, the next step is to turn upside down passing the feet under the bar, we must end up in a pike position 3:30.

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